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Why did we decide to start writing a BLOG?  In a word, Lynne (mummy)!  Lynne often has hair-brained ideas, some come to fruition, and others don’t, but the ‘lets start writing about our travels’ actually began as an idea to write a BLOG from a child’s perspective.  I’m being honest, as the ‘Boss’ of the family (I say Boss as I wear the trousers, but it’s Lynne that picks and buys them) I was a little skeptical about this idea, I mean, who would read it?  What do we have to offer that isn’t already available on the WWW?  And to be honest, the answer may be no one and nothing, but, here we are, The Callaghan’s, writing about our travels in a BLOG.  Rather than doing the whole BLOG from a child’s perspective, we are going to have a section at the end of each post called ‘Lily-Belle Says’ and ‘Matilda Says’, and that way Little Misses can give their view of the holiday or coffee shop or day out etc, provided they were there of course.  Everyone knows children get bored after 10 minutes of homework ,let alone writing a lengthy travel BLOG, we’ll see how it goes!

We normally take a few weekend breaks each year and more often than not, either 2 x 2 week holidays or a longer 3 week holiday taking in a couple of locations, for example; our 2017 trip clocked up 2950 miles by car: Omagh-Dublin-Holyhead-Rochester-Folkestone-Calais-Luxembourg-Switzerland-Italy and all the way back again.  A lot of hours spent in the car, and countless ‘are we nearly there yet’s’, but thankfully with no major incidents.

Our BLOG and writing style might not be for everyone, sure, we’re just normal people with zero writing experience but we hope that you will find something of interest in our BLOG.

Just a note to say that all of the content, whether on this BLOG or on our respective Social Media sites, will be monitored by myself and Lynne.  We won’t tolerate any kind of abuse, the world doesn’t need it and nor do we.

Enjoy, and if you can, travel, and put your own unique footprint on the world, but remember…leave the world as you find it, it’s precious and there’s only one of them, so look after it.
Andrew, Lynne, Lily-Belle and Matilda


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