Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is a picturesque winter wonderland located in the very heart of Finland. This stunning icy attraction offers visitors the opportunity to view some of the most breathtaking winter landscapes that Finnish Lapland has in abundance!

With a wide range of winter activities and experiences available at Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park, the forest location appeals to both thrill-seekers and nature-lovers alike. One of the standout features of Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is the array of outdoor winter activities provided to visitors. Whether you are a fan of ice skating, sledding, or simply love deep powder snow; there is something for everyone and every age at this fantastic winter activity destination. The parks extensive ground also allows visitors with the perfect opportunity to explore the area’s stunning scenery, and take in extensive panoramic views of snow-covered forests and fells.



Established in 2021, Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park main attraction is a wonderful man-made 500 metre ice skating rink that meanders through an enchanting snowy forest. Deep snow, an isolated location for a completely immersive experience, and lots of fun activities to bring out your inner child – what more could you ask for?! Our fist stop, a meeting with Thomas (Owner) at the wooden cabin to get fitted with ice skates, and helmets.

Now, we have been ice skating once or twice before, but…always indoors and with lots of balance aids to assist us on the rink – needless to say, we were a tad apprehensive! On the track, laughter filled the air, and adults, including ourselves; trod tentatively hoping not to take a less-than-graceful fall. Thankfully, there are ice skating aids to assist novices in navigating the well-managed slippery track. Seriously, lots of family fun, and yes, we took the odd tumble, but the enjoyment of ice skating in nature far outweighs the bruised ego (and bruised butts) – the ladies had lots of fun whizzing around the track as I gracefully retired to the sidelines and enjoyed my snowy-surroundings.


If ice skating isn’t your thing, another activity on offer is one of our favourites…kicksledding, or ‘putkukelkkailua’ as it’s known in Finland. We first tried kicksledding back in 2019 when we stayed in a ‘cosy cottage by the river’ just outside Rovaniemi – whizzing down a snow-covered lane, gathering speed and momentum as flakes of snow fell from the sky…and we loved it! For those of you that don’t know what a kicksled is…it’s basically a chair mounted on two long flexible runners that extend out backwards for someone to stand on, allowing them to guide and steer the kicksled with their feet. The track at Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is extremely well-maintained throughout the day, which allows the kicksleds to glide effortlessly across the ice…fast and fun!


Of course, as a highly competitive family, the race was on! Team 1: Daddy (pushing) and Matilda (seated) and Team 2: Mummy (pushing) and Lily-Belle (seated). Go, go, go – we’re off, whizzing around the ice track, trying to gather pace around the twists, turns and hairpin bends. Crash…it wasn’t long before Mummy lost control and catapulted Lily-Belle into the air, which subsequently planted her face first in the deep powdery snow that lines the sides of the track. What an absolute hoot! Daddy and Matilda clear winners! Time for a ‘photo frame’ picture…say juusto!

DID YOU KNOW? Scandinavian countries have used kicksleds as a form of sport and transport since the mid 1800’s.

The track at Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is specially designed to provide visitors with a perfect ice-skating experience, and is suitable for skaters of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an experienced ice skater or a beginner looking to learn, the park’s ice-skating track is the perfect place to glide across the ice and take in the stunning winter scenery. And for those who prefer something a little more fast-paced, there is small ice hockey rink where you can show off your skills and compete against friends and family – and let’s not forget the ice ten-pin bowling, very tricky when you have blades strapped to your feet –  the whole experience is memorable, fun-filled and highly recommended.

And with a range of equipment available for hire, including skates and hockey sticks, visitors can easily get involved in the action and enjoy all the fun that Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park has to offer.


Did someone say sausages? One thing we have learnt from previous trips to Finnish Lapland is to carry a pack of sausages when hiking or heading out for a Finnish winter adventure. Why? Well, scattered across the Finnish countryside are Kota’s, little huts with a central fire where you can cook your sausages, make coffee and just warm your soul in peace. Our sausages were provided by Inga (owner), along with a cup of delicious Glögg (warm berry juice). The Kota was very popular and there were many nationalities gathered around the central firepit, cooking sausages and chatting. Lynne, in her haste to take an ‘instaworthy’ photo, dropped her sausage into the fire…much to the amusement of the other occupants! Rest in peace sausage!


On site there’s a fantastic man-made slope which has been purpose built for sledding. You can select from tubes, mats, plastic sleds and even a skidoo type of contraption. Matilda had loads of fun on the centrifugal sled which reminded us of a training aid for NASA – the key for the ‘pusher’ is to stay as close to the centre pole as possible when pushing, and honestly – we were amazed at how much speed we managed to gather, even to the point where we thought our little lady was going to be sick, or at the very least, catapulted from the sled – thankfully, neither event happened!


Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park isn’t just about adrenaline-fuelled activities. For those looking for the ultimate in winter relaxation, there’s the option to book a slot in the private sauna and hot tub – situated in a secluded spot and away from prying eyes, you will be completely immersed in the beautiful natural scenery of the park, which provides the perfect setting for a relaxing soak!

The private sauna and hot tub experience at Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park provides individuals, couples or groups, with the opportunity to relax and unwind in a peaceful and tranquil setting, surrounded by the stunning winter landscape of Finnish Lapland. The sauna allows visitors to enjoy a truly authentic Finnish sauna experience. A wood-burning stove and a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding, de-stressing and soothing tired muscles after a day of ice skating and kicksled activities.


After enjoying the traditional Finnish sauna, take a dip in the outdoor hot tub which is heated to the perfect temperature for complete relaxation and rejuvenation…and don’t forget to look up. In the depth of winter and with the polar night in full swing; there is plenty of opportunity for stargazing and viewing the enigmatic Aurora Borealis should they come out to play.

Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is a truly special winter destination. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or simply looking to relax and take in the stunning winter scenery, this beautiful activity park is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re planning a trip to Finland, be sure to put Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park at the top of your must-see list…and tell them we sent you!


Yes. We’re so glad that we found Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park – what a great way to burn off energy, enjoy winter sports and activities, and just enjoy the deep snow. Finland is fast becoming our favourite winter destination, there’s so much to offer visitors who wish to escape the typically wet weather of the United Kingdom and Ireland. As a snow-loving family, finding things to do in the depths of a Finnish winter really isn’t that difficult. There’s the opportunity to ski, take a husky sled ride, hand feed reindeer and much, much more.

With a very special THANK YOU to:

  • Tarja Väyrynen – for organising our collaboration and for showing us what a great visitor attraction Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is…we truly enjoyed our visit and look forward to encouraging others to attend.
  • Inga and Thomas (owners) – for your warm welcome, exceptional hospitality, and for making us feel like valued customers.

Our collaboration allowed us to enjoy time together as a family – away from tech, away from school and away from work! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us to create memories that we will cherish for ever!


As this was our fifth visit to Finland, it was great that we got to try something different, other than the usual huskies and reindeer rides. The park is very secluded and has lots of activities for all ages. I particularly loved the kicksleds and finishing the visit with a sauna and hot tub.


I really loved playing in the deep snow, and then going into the sauna. Oh, and the twirly sled was lots of fun.

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