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Oberholz Restaurant and Bar in Obereggen


Obereggen has been on our radar for quite some time.  In fact, Obereggen almost pipped Alpe Cermis as our destination when it came to booking our 2018 family ski trip.  After much toing and froing we decided to holiday at Alpe Cermis, Cavalese and take a day trip to Obereggen.  Located in the South Tyrol of Northern Italy, the small tourist village of Obereggen is actually belonging to the municipality of Deutschnofen, therefore the language is predominantly German.  It was quite surreal as it really did feel like we had been transported from Italy to Germany in the blink of an eye.  At the very top of Obereggen is the Oberholz Restaurant and Bar which is the very reason for our visit today…and tobogganing.  Can’t visit a snowy mountain and not go ‘sledding’, that would be like going to Oktoberfest and drinking water!


For the second time on our Alpe Cermis holiday, we decided that a day off the slopes wouldn’t do Lily-Belle and Matilda any harm.  By the time we get our act together and out of our apartment at Aparthotel des Alpes, it’s almost lunch time.  No time to lose.  Travel time is less than 30 minutes and our drive to Obereggen takes us through the picturesque Lavazè Pass.  The plateau is covered in deep snow and it’s clear to see why Lavazè Pass offers cross-country skiers perfect terrain for their sport.  The route winds through woodlands and cuts across meadows offering eye-catching views over the Latemar-Catinaccio-Sciliar cliff and Corno Bianco.



Upon arrival, Obereggen looks quite small and unassuming.  It’s only when you look at the detailed map that you begin to truly realise what Obereggen has to offer.  Lots of adventure trails, plenty of viewing areas, and as you’d expect; sensational views of the Dolomites.  There’s a great network of cable cars and lifts to take you to your mountain top destination.  Obereggen is very respectful of it’s environment, and many of the trees located by the upper lift are listed as being from the mid 18th century.  Once we had purchased our pedestrian tickets, and Bruno Bear balaclavas for Lily-Belle and Matilda; it’s off to the Oberholz chairlift to make our way up to the top of the mountain for lunch at Oberholz Restaurant and Bar.


Arriving at Oberholz Restaurant and Bar via the chair lift you don’t actually see the hut immediately, little did we realise but we are actually stood on its roof!  For unobstructed views of the UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site of the Dolomites; Oberholz Restaurant and Bar is the perfect place to be.  A beautiful wooden hut that sits defiantly on the edge of the mountain side.  The three large viewing windows give an unrivaled viewing platform of the spectacular and special view that is the Dolomites.

Oberholz Restaurant and Bar is architecturally striking with amazing wooden detail.  Inside; three cosy snugs with large windows which allow natural light to flood in as you dine peacefully.  Outside; a panoramic terrace offers an unbelievable 360° view of the largest and most-important peaks, summits and mountain groups of the Alps.


Sitting at 2096m above sea level, Oberholz Restaurant and Bar is relatively quiet so we were pleased to be given a seat right at the huge windows…bingo.  Imagine travelling up to Oberholz and not getting those all important window view photos for the blog!  In true fashion, Mummy had already been online and had a copy of the menu on her phone.  Decisions were made very quickly once the waitress arrived to take our orders.  As our food was being cooked, we sat eating breadsticks and watched skiers and boarders pass by Oberholz and glide effortlessly down Obereggen’s snowy mountainside.


  • STARTER – Hearty Oberholz snack with a selection of South Tyrolean cold specialties (meats, cheeses, pickles)
  • MAIN – Daddy:  Local steer filet with poivrade sauce, potatoes and vegetables
    Mummy:  Seared South Tyrolean goats cheese on grilled vegetables
    Lily-Belle and Matilda:  Spaghetti with bolognese sauce
  • DESSERT – Caramelised Kaiserschmarrn (sliced fried pancake) with South Tyrolean apple puree and homemade cranberry jam

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Each dish was presented beautifully with a great combination of both colour and flavour.  Oberholz pride themselves in using produce that is both fresh and locally sourced.  Simply put, the food is heart-warming, filling and extremely satisfying and scrumptious.  Lily-Belle and Matilda ‘scoffed’ at the starter but couldn’t wait to tuck in to the fried pancake dessert, almost so, they would have happily bypassed Mains had we let them.  In all honesty though, the Caramelised Kaiserschmarrn was a bit like fat Crêpes.  The Callaghan Posse LOVE Crêpes.  Delicious!


Oberholz was indeed a culinary delight but the girls had other things on their minds…tobogganing (that’s sledding to you and I).  The winter sport for all, tobogganing lets you have endless fun as you zoom down quick descents and launch through bends at speed.  Obereggen has two well groomed toboggan runs.  The first is 2.5km in length and suited for those looking to descend smoothly and controlled, the second is much shorter at 750m but designed to attract speed freaks…people like me.

Daddy is the King of Speed and Mummy is the Queen of Slow, a bit like ‘The Tortoise and the Hare; but this tortoise never wins!  On the first run with Daddy, Lily-Belle turned a distinctive shade of white, she was absolutely petrified.  On the other hand, and almost 5 minutes after we’d finished our run, Mummy and Matilda arrived, and even Matilda thought it was too slow.  Matilda was much happier after swapping parents and sleds.  It isn’t difficult to see that Lily-Belle, much like Mummy, is the Tortoise and Matilda, much like Daddy, is the Hare!

Tobogganing was exhilarating and so much fun; one go just wasn’t enough.  Although it was quite late in the day, we still managed to squeeze in three fast runs down the 2.5km descent.  It’s an absolute blast and definitely one of our holiday highlights.  Hurtling down the run and listening to Lily-Belle scream as she thought her life was about to end…priceless!



Our trip to Obereggen could not have been timed any better.  Every Monday, during ski season, the Obereggen Night Show takes place at 21:30h.  Glühwein heated in a cauldron and front row seats at the Obereggen Night Show, what more could we ask for?  Four hot water bottle’s wouldn’t go amiss that’s for sure, absolutely fr-fr-freezing!  The evening was excellent with an energetic aerial display performed by the regions talented skiers and snowboarders.

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There was a special guest appearance by Bruno the Bear from Obereggen’s Brunoland and the children happily posed for selfies with the ‘not so grizzly’ Grizzly.  Instructors from Obereggen’s own Ski and Snowboard School took to the slopes and brightened up the piste with neon costume lights.  Halfway through the show snowcats took centre stage and performed an array of tight and tricky manoeuvres on the piste.  The Obereggen Night Show ended with a spectacular firework display which lit up the night sky high above Obereggen.

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Our long day at Obereggen had come to a timely end.  The temperature had dropped significantly and we are all cold and in need of warmth.  It was nice to know that the apartment at Aparthotel des Alpes would be warm and welcoming.


Definitely, and if we do we will probably stay in the resort to give us the best opportunity for exploring locally.  Since leaving we found out Oberholz does an amazing breakfast, must go back, if not for the skiing or sledding, a must for the breakfast.

Although I nearly died I really enjoyed the sledding lots.  The slopes were really well groomed but on the edges it was very deep in places.  We didn’t get to visit Brunoland but it’s probably for babies anyway.  The night show was great, watching skiers do somersaults and then fireworks, but it was really cold.  I was glad to get some hot juice and get back in the car.

It looked like we were floating in the sky.  I liked wearing my Bruno bear hat and I loved the fire soup.
Daddy:  floating in the sky refers to the chair lift journey to the top of the mountain.  Fire soup had us scratching our heads for a while!  We eventually established that ‘fire soup’ was actually the Glühwein (warm berry juice).

Obereggen and Oberholz Bar and Restaurant

Date of trip:  27th March 2018
Obereggen:  click to visit the Obereggen website
Oberholz  click to visit the Oberholz Restaurant and Bar website
Obereggen – Oberholz Chairlift:  €37,00 (2A + 2C age 9-16 years) children 0-8 are free) – return trip
Tobogganing:  €26.00 Adult + €18.00 Children (born after 25 November 2001) – includes cable car and combilift

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  • Reply
    Daydreamer mum
    23rd January 2019 at 13:39

    Your photos are stunning as always. I don’t think I’d be up for skiing as it would almost certainly end up in a hospital visit I would definitely be up for that restaurant. What a view and what yummy looking food #blogcrush

    • Reply
      23rd January 2019 at 13:51

      Thank you very much. Mummy and Daddy used to snowboard, been to Canada, America and…Scotland. But as we’ve got older, we have fallen away from skiing/snowboarding, but that doesn’t mean we won’t give it a go in the future. If we did, it’d have to be skiing and only after serious lessons. Our girls absolutely loved skiing, and can’t wait to do it again. Oberholz is one of the nicest dining experiences we’ve ever had, and that view…simply put, astonishing. Thanks of for the #blogcrush. 🌎❤️🙏🏻

  • Reply
    Lucy At Home
    29th November 2018 at 21:32

    Oh I’d love to go on a snowy holiday. This is something we’ve never done. That room with the wooden beams in the ceiling is amazing – it just draws your eyes to the view and stunning scenery! #blogcrush

    • Reply
      3rd December 2018 at 15:47

      You definitely should. Ok, fun in the sun is great, but nothing brings out the inner child in us better than snow. The ‘wooden beam’ place is a restaurant called Oberholz, not only is the food amazing; the views are too. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease book yourselves a snowy holiday. 🙏 🌎 ❤️

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