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I like to call myself a Travel Writer, but Mummy always refers to us as Bloggers.  Is there really a difference, travel writing is travel writing, right?  Whatever title we acquire, one thing we agree on is that we love travelling as a family.  UK and Ireland staycations, European vacations and throw in a trip or two further afield, and we’re happy campers, yes…we like camping too!  Although, it did rain an awful lot on the tiny island of Ireland in 2019, so the tent only came out once…in our own garden!

Toward the end of a travel year we try to organise the following year’s holidays and, where possible; have them booked, ‘the early bird catches the worm’ and all that.  Sometimes our plans have to be placed on hold.  We had so much planned for 2019 but sadly, many of the plans did not come to fruition.  Our eldest daughter, Lily-Belle, who is in her final P7 year of primary school; is fast turning into a little lady.  Not wanting Lily-Belle to miss out on the last Primary year with her school friends, as well as knowing that not all are going to the same secondary school; we made a conscious decision to prioritise her ‘within 4 walls’ education in 2019.  And, once Lily-Belle goes into high school, for FUTURE TRAVELS, there will be no more taking her out during school term to go on a holiday.

All is not lost.  In 2019 we did manage to squeeze in a couple of great family holidays to Italy, one of our favourite European destinations, and Finland, again, another firm holiday destination favourite.  Our 2020 travels will be a little different as I will be celebrating a ‘milestone birthday‘ and want to visit Asia, a place I have always wanted to visit (and many more on the bucket list).  So the plan is a couple of one week holidays in Europe, throw in a long weekend city break or two on home soil, then have a ‘biggie’ in Asia for my milestone birthday.

For now, we have detailed the places we visited in 2019.  Click on the link, leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe as we travel | adventure | dream – that way, you’ll never miss another post from our FUTURE TRAVELS.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado…our 2019 travels in a (very small) nutshell!


Returned to Finnish Lapland for a two-town winter wonderland trip to Ruka and Rovaniemi
   |  Read Post:  Finnish Lapland: Ruka and Rovaniemi

A beautiful winter sunset in Finnish Lapland

Endured sub zero temperatures as we wet Ice Fishing on a frozen lake in Ruka
   |  Read Post:  Finnish Lapland: Ice Fishing in Ruka

Ice Fishing excursion with Rukapalvelu Safarihouse in Ruka

Admired the clear night sky on a magical Starlit Sleigh Ride in Ruka
   |  Read Post:  Finnish Lapland: Starlit Sleigh Ride in Ruka

Starlit Sleigh Ride with Rukapalvelu Safarihouse in Ruka

Watched in awe as the magical Aurora Borealis danced above our heads outside Rovaniemi
   |  Read Post:  Finnish Lapland: Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis above Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland

Stayed in a beautiful and isolated Cosy Cottage beside a frozen river in Rovaniemi
   |  Read Post:  A Cosy Cottage by the River – Review

A Cosy Cottage by the River

Stayed at the brand new Holiday Suites at Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi
   |  Read Post:  Holiday Suites at Santa Claus Holiday Village – Review

Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland


Tried our hand at River-boat Cruising along the River Thames
   |  Read Post:  River Thames Cruise with Le Boat

River Thames Cruise with Le Boat

Set sail and enjoyed beautiful scenery on Ireland’s longest river, the River Shannon
   |  Read Post:  River Shannon Cruise with Emerald Star

River Shannon Cruise with Emerald Star / Le Boat


Returned to ‘bella Italia’ to explore and enjoy Summer Activities offered in the UNESCO Dolomites
   |  Read Post:  Summer Activities in the Italian Dolomites

River Rafting with Avisio Rafting in ALpe Cermis, Italy

Stayed at the family friendly Aparthotel Majestic at the foot of the Dolomites mountain range
   |  Read Post:  Aparthotel Majestic in Predazzo, Italy – Review

Aparthotel Majestic, Predazzo

A very quiet travel year for The Callaghan Posse but sometimes, family health and education must come first.  And in 2020, although our motto is ‘Not All Classrooms have 4 Walls’, for Lily-Belle and her secondary school, sad to say but her classrooms WILL have 4 walls.  Our 2020 travels will hopefully take us to a few European favourites as well as the world’s largest populous continent of Asia as I celebrate a milestone birthday…the big 50!

Join us as we travel | adventure | dream our way around the globe…one journey at a time.

If you enjoy reading all about our travels, please do interact by Leaving a Comment, and also follow our adventures by Subscribing to our NEWSLETTER.  Where did your travels take you in 2019?

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  • Reply
    8th April 2020 at 07:06

    Happy to read your blog posts and your travel summary stories for 2019. Hope you are coping with 2020. Any plans? We are all well, recently back from Japan but had all our other overseas plans cancelled as you would expect. Still trying to get refunds on flights… Still planning to head to Tasmania for Christmas 2020. Let’s see how it goes?

    • Reply
      Around The World In 18 Years
      8th April 2020 at 11:57

      Hi STCoT, nice to hear from you. It’s my 50th this July and I had hoped to go to India or Jordan, but those plans are on hold. Had a trip to Finland at the beginning of March to enjoy the snow, and we stayed at the amazing futuristic Glass igloos at Arctic Guesthouse and Igloos (blog coming soon). And a few nights back at the Cozy Cottage where we stayed last year. Beautiful place. So, we decided to use this years holiday fund to add a very large pond to the garden, and also put in a new patio with fire pit etc…it’s an ongoing process. Stay safe, stay well and we’ll see you on the other side…remember, every cloud has a silver lining. 🌏 ✈️ 🙏

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