Our Family

The Callaghan Possy

Andrew (aka Daddy, chief editor and sometimes dodgy photographer), Lynne (aka Mummy, family travel agent and holiday bargain hunter), Lily-Belle (daughter #1 and aspiring blogger/vlogger) and finally Matilda (daughter #2 and queen of the family selfies, although she quite often chops off our heads).

Living on the beautiful island of Ireland in the stunningly scenic County of Tyrone, we are just an ordinary down-to-earth family of 4 with a passion for food, adventure, days out and travel…especially travel.

As a family, we would LOVE to travel the length and breadth of the globe and visit as many of the world’s 195 countries as we are fit and able.  The aim is to travel and see as many countries as possible before Matilda turns 18 years old, (2017, currently age 3).  Just to note, we are not millionaires, but we are aficionado’s when it comes to grabbing a bargain for travel.  We are also realistic and visiting 195 countries is a tough task that we may never complete.

Whether or not we complete the 195 countries remains to be seen, but we will undertake to write about each trip that we take and post it here on our travel blog.

We would love for you to interact with our travels by leaving comments on the posts.

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Andrew, Lynne, Lily-Belle and Matilda

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